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Robbery victim steals burglars’ car [Video]

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When most people see a crime in progress, they grab a phone, call 911 and then get out of the way.

But when Patrick Rosario discovered burglars in his own home, he decided to take things a step further: he drove off in their van.

“I wasn’t really worried until I heard running,” he said.

With his heart pounding, Rosario ran up the basement steps and peeked under the door. Disbelief then sunk in.

“‘I’m getting robbed’ — that’s literally going through my head,” he said.

Rosario saw burglars ransacking the house, dragging his flat-screen TV, electronics and his wife’s jewelry box to the front door.

Rosario quietly ran out the back door. Then he spotted the crooks’ getaway van. It was sitting empty with the engine still running.

That’s when he decided to make a move.

Rosario jumped in the crooks’ van and drove off. Then he called 911.

Operator: 911, what are you reporting?

Rosario: Somebody’s broken into my house.

Operator: I’m sorry?

Rosario: Somebody’s broken into my house!…I just drove their car away. They’ve got nothing.

This is another great story of the victim getting the upper hand. You’ve got to watch this story and listen to his 911 call.

Raed more and watch that story: Man gives crooks taste of their own medicine

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02/19/2009 at 10:29 pm

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